Monday, 22 March 2010

Big Food Festival At Harbour Bridge Sydney

This is the 6000 Australians began Sunday morning. The bridge was closed and buried with the new family to enjoy grass cover Food Festival as a part of a picnic. 190,000 people want to participate in this event. More than 100 sparkling blue Shuimi on the Harbor Bridge. Gone are eight traffic lanes, in their place, is the newly laid grass carpet and tartan picnic rug, hamper and cattle food with many points.
In the tens of thousands of people have already registered as an open-air occasions votes, but only 6,000 were lucky enough to be selected. Picnic dinner of fresh bread and fruit platter, in a voice-grade tonk piano immersed in the Opera House with their own opinions. "It was surprising to see that in this point of view of the bridge," Cox said residents TANG Fu. "Usually, you sit in the car, you had it, that's it."


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