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Largest Food Making Records

The World's Largest Food Making Records

Didn’t get enough to eat on Thanksgiving? Then feast your eyes on this absurd buffet of monstrously oversized food. While some may lament the inherent waste of food involved in creating the world’s largest burgers, omelettes and sushi rolls, there’s no denying that enormous edibles have their appeal all over the world. You’ll feel full just looking at these 15 record-breaking,

Stomach-Popping Pumpkin Pie

Nearly a ton of pumpkin was required to make South Africa’s record-breaking, 28-foot pumpkin pie. The massive dessert was three feet deep and took two days to create, and beat out the previous title holder in Circleville, Ohio, which took 360 pounds of sugar, 795 pounds of pumpkin, 60 lbs. of powered milk, 60 dozen eggs, 75 gallons of water and 400 lbs. of flour to make.
12,600 Calorie Gummi Bear

Have you ever wondered what 12,600 calories looks like? This huge gummi bear is the equivalent of 1,400 regular-sized gummi bears, stands nine inches tall and weighs five pounds. You can get one of your very own at VAT15 for $40 in your choice of blue raspberry, red cherry, and green apple teeth-rotting flavors.
Monster of a Meatball

That old Italian-American classic, spaghetti and meatballs, is a favorite from coast to coast here in the U.S. – but not everyone is content with meatballs that can fit on a fork. Matthew Mitnitsky, owner of Nonni’s Italian Eatery in Concord, New Hampshire, set out to break the previous record, set by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, so he could bring the title back to the East Coast. He succeeded with his 222.5-pound meat monstrosity, beating Kimmel’s meatball by over 24 pounds.
Tons of Tiramisu

Tiramisu may be from Italy, but that hasn’t stopped both Switzerland and France from creating the two largest tiramisu desserts ever made. The 2007 Swiss version, in the shape of the confection’s country of origin, weighed over 1,742 pounds – but the French beat them handily in 2009 with their less artistic, but much larger 2,372 pound dessert, which contained over 4,000 eggs.
Positively Enormous Pizza

Over 1,100 pounds of flour, 1,763 pounds of cheese and 1,984 pounds of tomato paste were required to make the world’s largest pizza, which measured a whopping 122 feet in diameter. Created in 1990 at the Pick ‘n’ Pay hypermarket in Johannesburg, South Africa, the pizza was rapidly consumed in a not-so-orderly fashion by onlookers,
Largest Lollipop

It would take an awful lot of licks to even make a dent in this insanely gigantic lollipop, created in August 2009 in honor of spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy’s birthday. The equivalent of 165,070 regular-sized lollipops, this supersized sucker surpasses the previous record holder by 2,000 pounds, weighing in at 6,706 pounds. It’s 10 feet in diameter, 10 inches thick and 25 feet tall including the stick.
Humongous Bowl of Hummus

Lebanese chefs set a new world record in October 2009 with the largest plate of hummus ever made. This garlicky dip contained 2,976 pounds of mashed chickpeas and 13,525 ounces of lemon juice, and was served on the world’s largest plate.
Gut-Busting Burger

Warning: eating this entire hamburger will undoubtedly result in extreme discomfort, followed by death. The aptly named “The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger”, served at Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Detroit, Michigan, costs $350 and must be ordered 24 hours in advance. The 134 pound slab of meat is served on a 50 pound bun, and naturally, no single individual has ever been able to eat more than a small portion of it.
Seriously Gigantic Sushi Roll

There’s nothing bite-sized about this ridiculously large sushi roll, created by martial arts movie star Jackie Chan’s restaurant, G. Sushi. As Chan demonstrated at the opening of a new location in Shanghai, this tightly packed roll of raw fish, rice, vegetables and seaweed is so big, it would take three adult men to circle it with their arms.
D’oh! Largest Donut Made of Donuts

It’s the sort of epic donut that would knock Homer Simpson off his feet – a nearly 20-foot-wide creation that weighs more than two rhinoceroses. Assembled by Donut King for the release of The Simpsons Movie on DVD, this gigantic donut was made from 90,000 individual donuts and covered in half a ton of pink icing and 66 pounds of sprinkles.
Omelette of 11,000 Eggs

It took 20 people in rotating shifts to cook the world’s largest omelette, which weighed more than 1,000 pounds and was made from over 11,000 eggs. Villagers in Belorechenskiy, Russia got to consume the oversized omelette when it was done.
Super-Sized Sandwich

It was the sandwich of sandwiches: a 5,440 pound stack of white bread measuring over a foot thick, huge slabs of cheese and meat, and untold amounts of lettuce and mayo. This world record sandwich was made by Wild Woody’s Chill and Grill, in Roseville, Michigan in 2005.
cooks in Iran tried and failed to break that record when the crowd started eating their 4,900-foot ostrich meat sandwich before it could be measured.
Fattest Piece of Fudge

In June of 2009, a team of students led by a culinary professor at Lansing Community College broke the world record for the largest slab of fudge and made tens of thousands of dollars in proceeds, which were donated for need-based LCC scholarships. The fudge measured over 36 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6 inches deep and weighed in at over 520,000 pounds.
Gigantic Gingerbread Man

The tallest man in the world presented the world’s largest gingerbread man at an Ikea outlet in the Norway’s capital Oslo in November 2009. 8-foot-1-inch tall Sultan Koesen, declared the world’s tallest living man in September, presented the 1,435 pound cookie, which broke the 1,307 pound record set in Smithville, Texas in 2006.
Insanely Huge Ice Cream Cake

the biggest ice cream cake ever made was nearly 16 feet long, 10 feet wide and three feet tall. Chinese workers who labored over the cake danced in celebration when it was completed in 2006 and declared a world record winner by Guinness World Records.

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Cricketers Wifes Photos

Cricketers With Thiers Wifes
Sachin Tendulkar promises his wife a stable innings!

Matthew Hayden and wife Kellie pose on the red carpet at the 2008 Allan Border Medal presentation at Crown Casino in Melbourne on February 26, 2008.

Kapil Dev

Simon Katich and his wife Georgie attend the Johnnie Walker All Star Party at the Gallery of Modern Art, on November 17, 2008 in Brisbane, Australia.

Neena Gupta’s relationship with the Carribean great Sir Vivian Richards was one of the most hyped ones. Though their love affair did not blossom into marriage, they do have a love child, Masaba!

Wasim akram

Virender Sehwag with wife Aarti at the reception of their wedding!

Vinod Kambli and his model wife Andrea Hewitt!

Sunil Gavaskar with his better half, Marshniel Gavaskar, whom he affectionately calls Pammi!

Sourav Ganguly, the best Indian cricket captain ever. Dona Roy, a famous and successful Odissi danseuse. Sourav and Dona’s story seems to be just out of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; fighting the odds, defying family enmity, they let their love prevail. And today, they are also blessed with a beautiful daughter, Sana.

An elegant love story (one can also call it a fairy tale instead) with a royal touch to it! The debonair India cricket captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi first met the gorgeous film star Sharmila Tagore at a shoot in 1965. Theirs’ was a love story that extended beyond the boundaries of religion. After overcoming objections from their families, they married on December 27, 1969. The perfect match between royalty and movie star is still going strong.

He was ruling the cricket pitches and she was ruling the silver screen... Their story is a perfect example of love that is beyond faith and religion....!!!

Sanath Jayasuriya with ex-wife Sumudhu Karunanayake! Barely after six months of their marriage, Jayasuriya applied for divorce on December 1998, and finally departed from his wife in April 1999.

Ricky Ponting and wife Rianna arrive for the Allan Border Medal Dinner in February 2006!

Rahul Dravid with his better half Vijeta on his wedding day!

Nathan Bracken with his wife Haley Rich Bracken! They also have a son together called Chase… Haley is also pursuing her singing career while her hubby bowls the batsmen out!!

Smitten by Reena Roy’s bliss, Mohsin Khan decided to enter in to wedlock.

Mitchell Johnson having a blissful time with girlfriend Jessica Bratich, a former karate champion!

Michael Clarke with his better half Lara Bingle!

After four years of loving relationship, Amrita Arora and the London based English cricketer Usman Afzal called for quits.

Mahela Jayawardene and Christine Sirisena (now, of course, known as Christine Jayawardene) met through a common friend and were dating for 7 years before getting married on November 3rd 2005..!

Former England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen on dinner with wife Jessica Taylor!

Pakistan’s wicket keeper Kamran Akmal and his gorgeous bride Aaiza Llyas! They got married in 2006.

The flamboyant Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan married English socialite Jemima Goldsmith, a convert to Islam, in 1995. A marriage that stood strong in the toughest of times, broke it was "difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan

Glenn McGrath with his Jane! Jane lost her 11 year long battle with breast cancer and died on June 22, 2008. In 2002, Jane and Glenn started a foundation called the ‘McGrath Foundation’, dedicated to women with breast cancer. Glenn continued the work of Jane in her memory and the McGrath Foundation still raises hope till this day.

Garfield Sobers got engaged to Anju Mahendru. But after laving India, he secretly wrote her a letter stating that he would not be able to continue with the relationship. In his autobiography, he describes her as beautiful and “such a nice person”. He also spells her last name “Mahindu”.

Andrew Flintoff arrives at Buckingham Palace with his wife Rachel to receive his MBE, on February 9, 2006.

Waqar Younis and his wife Dr. Farayal on their Wedding Day!

Brett Lee and his ex-wife Elizabeth Lee and Shane Watson and his partner television presenter Lee Furlong arrive at the 2008 Allan Border Medal at Crown Casino on February 26, 2008.

Ajay Jadeja started a new innings of his life after he tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart Aditi Jaitly, daughter of politician Jaya Jaitly.

Adam with his Eve… umm… We mean, with his wife Mel ahead of the Allan Border Medal Dinner, Melbourne, February 6, 2006.

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World Largest Ship Oasis Of The Sea

World Largest Cruise Ship

Owns Royal Caribbean International, 1184 feet of the boat will invest 3 weeks ago in the port, which sailed from the first regular December 5.
5 times more than the Titanic, the ship has 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in seven streets, skating rink, a mini golf course and a 750-seat outdoor amphitheater. It has 2,700 rooms and can accommodate 6300 passengers and 2100 crew members.
Accommodations include cabins attic, there are floor windows, and 1,600 square feet (487 meters) of luxury suites, balconies overlooking the sea and waterfront promenade
Liner also has four swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, and with the youth area theme parks and nurseries children.
Sea oasis, nearly 40 percent greater than the industry the next big ship, was conceived years ago, the desperation of the economic recession caused by the cruise company, cut prices to fill the vacancy berth.
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