Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Air New Zealand Plane

If you can not sleep during the flight you just get bored or are you afraid of long-haul flight (even a good 12 hours later, the crew will not be good), here's something staring me think. Air New Zealand Boeing 777 aircraft, only if they keep you busy for the better sleep with a pillow and a PC power, USB and iPod connections, and to add the position of the economy is a pimp.
Lucky travelers will hop on Recaro Oakland, Calif., to go from - as well as your netbooks, smartphones, or a new Apple tablet may charge the coach cabin, a world-class design, it's more than twice as small plane Skycouches 11 haengyiitseupnida making the bed.Skycouches the most interesting part, and about half the price you whenever you need to take a short nap, you and your traveling companions can be purchased at my place.
The only drawback that only God in New Zealand Boeing 777-300 equipped service is coming in November.


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