Sunday, 25 October 2009

The World Most Expensive Birthday Gifts

The World Most Expensive Birthday Gifts

Blue diamond 7.98 million dollars

Frozen Haute Chocolate Dessert 25,000 dollars

Diva Premium vodka spirit 1,060,000 dollars

Earrings price 8.5 million dollars

Eco-House price 7.2 MN pounds

Expensive Apartment price 200 million dollars

Expensive diamond Sandals price 2mn dollars

Gold-remote control price 55,000.00 Dollars

Most expensive Lipstick KissKiss cost 62,000 dollars

Expensive Bath at Hotel Victor for price 11,000 dollars

Expensive Sari price Rs 40 lakh

expensive omelet price 100 dollars per omelet

expensive perfume price 215,000 dollars per bottle
expensive Perrier-Jouet champagne is valued at price 50,000 Euro

Priciest food ever 15,000 dollars per pound

expensive valentine rose its price 75,450 dollars

expensive Diamond tie price 220000 dollars


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